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Starlight andStories

A Pikler Inspired Starlight Review

Feb 23, 2021 | Reviews, Guest Blogs, Inspiration | 0 comments |

Starlighted Pikler Inspired Range

Starlight andStoriesWhen we designed the Pikler inspired range we absolutely believed in our final product however whenever launching a new concept there are always little niggles and doubts. We wanted to work closely with both parents and schools to test our range in real life. When we spoke with Victoria Hatton, A mum of two, blogger of Starlight and Stories and teacher at Grove Road Community School we felt we had found the perfect partner.

We gifted Victoria and the school A Junior Climbing Set and a Junior Desk Set as we wanted a take on both the physical offerings and the classroom angle. Here’s what she has to say:

A Review Of Ligneus Play’s Pikler Inspired Range – Victoria Hatton of Starlight & Stories

If you are looking for high quality play equipment, whether for home or for school Ligneus Play’s Pikler inspired range is hard to beat. It enables creativity, burns off steam, looks brilliant and caters for children right through from preschool to upper primary.

When I think of play items that I’ve tested out throughout the years, the truth is that these are hard to beat. That’s partly because of their quality, but even more so because of their playability. These are products that are so versatile that they grow with your child and their changing needs.

Having reviewed them within our school setting and seen the pleasure they have brought to our pupils, my only regret is that I don’t have a home large enough to house them.

Ligneus Pikler Climbing Triangle Range with Alice and Robin
Thea drawing at Junior Pikler Desk Set Gretton Grey

So why do I love them so much?

As someone who has spent many years working with children and as the mum of two children myself, I love how robust they are. These are products that are going to stand the test of time. They are not just lovely to look at, they are designed with children and their play needs in mind.

They are creative and adaptable, with the same piece of equipment being able to be used as a bridge to climb over and a rocker to lay in whilst reading a book; meaning Ligneus PLAY have you covered whether your child wants to be active or to relax.

This is equipment that is designed to be used indoors, allowing your child to an opportunity to be active in a safe and controlled way, even when the weather doesn’t allow for outdoor rough and tumble play.

It is ideal for sensory seekers, who want to push their boundaries and yet equally perfect for those children who are nervous on larger playground equipment – because it allows them to explore the idea safely within their own home.

It is perfect for use in schools and clubs, as it’s easy to wipe down between groups, but equally perfect for use in a home play room where aesthetics need to be taken into account.

Careful now! Don't look down
Rock n Roll
Making a den under the arch
Hmm how do I get out of here?

What Would I Change About The Products?

One of the things I love the most about these products, is I can make my changes happen. Because they are modular rather than fixed, Ligneus PLAY’s fabulous products mean that you can design the play space that works for your child or group. This is equally important for the children, who feel really empowered by the ability to use the products in their own way.

Who Would I Recommend Them To?

Ideal both for schools and individual families who have a large enough play area, these fabulous products are ideal both for nursery and primary aged children. Coming in two different sizes, the junior range enables plenty of active play right through to year 6 children. An ideal investment piece for those looking to install a sensory circuit or those just looking to diversify play experiences.

In Summary

It’s very difficult to fault these high quality, versatile products… though I would definitely love a bigger house so that I could buy a set for home. Ideal for children who like to be on the move, to experiment and to experience their world physically, Ligneus Play have created a range which cannot fail to impress both children and their adults.

Bridging the gap



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