Ligneus Play nursery wooden toys are smooth to touch and easy for little hands to grasp. Our robust nursery activities and toys are made from sustainable timber. This means you can be sure of their environmental credentials as well as their durability.

Our range of wooden baby and toddler toys are design to stimulate and engage your child. They encourage fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination building their confidence. This focus stimulates them to develop their play skills, a key fundamental in early years development.

Our sustainable wooden toys make a safer, more eco-friendly alternative to plastic. They are not only built to last but will provide a lifetime of cherished memories.

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Nursery (3m-4yr)

Are wooden toys safer for babies and Toddlers?

In short Yes! Wood is indeed a safer alternative to their plastic cousins. As children tend to stick everything in their mouths plastic toys could present issues. Whether it is from bacteria that may be present on their surfaces to broken fragments that could be ingested or leave sharp edges. Wood has natural anti bacterial properties and our robustly made toys do not have small parts that may break off. If you have concerns about the safety of your child when they play with their toys then our high-quality wooden toys are sturdy by comparison and a far safer option.



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