Ligneus PLAY is part of the Ligneus Group, A UK based manufacturing organisation. During the tumultuous year of 2020 when we all faced a global threat the Ligneus Group was primarily focused on sustainable manufacturing to the Hospitality & Catering industry. Indeed they were, and still are, the leading UK manufacturer of sustainable wooden products to this sector.

In the ensuing melee and the difficult problems faced by all, the Ligneus Group had to look to its strengths – that of quality design and sustainable manufacturing. It looked inwards at its own needs. Very much a close knit organisation with many staff members being family and having families of their own, a focus on family & children felt a very natural way forward.

We wanted to play our part through lockdown and centre on fun and activities so desperately needed during those times. It turns out we’re pretty good at it and Ligneus PLAY was born.

Initially we developed a modular range of Pikler inspired activities. Sure many of these products existed already but none that had the ingenious design to offer such an extensive range of uses and appeal the broadest range of ages.

From here the dye was cast and Ligneus PLAY was on a mission to continue to design and manufacture classic sustainable wooden toys and activities to provide joy and education that last a lifetime.

Ligneus PLAY

Play • Learn • Evolve

Ligneus PLAY believes play and learning go hand in hand. from the formative early years, through childhood and even into adulthood. We focus on quality designs to provide both hours of fun and ongoing development.

Although many of our toys and activities can be played with stand alone, we also focus on encouraging collective play with friends and family.

Enjoy! smile


Ligneus Products Limited

Ligneus Products Limited

Ligneus Products is the manufacturing arm. It is 100% UK based. It manufactures wooden products from sustainable timber and prides itself on its quality of design and manufacture as well as its environmental credentials.

Creative ideas

We love designing. Plain and simple! We love improving on age old classics. We love exploring new ideas. We love working with our customers.

If you have a requirement that you’d love us to help with do get in touch.

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