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Ligneus PLAY offers quality nursery furniture for your school and classrooms. Our Pikler Inspired range is so ingeniously designed that it has the unique multi functional offering.

We believe that learning and play go hand in hand, so much so that our activities double up as desks and easels. We believe environments that children enjoy, improve attention and encourage learning.

Tight Budgets

When budgets are tight this is a great opportunity to maximise value across different cost centres. With some clever addons our range is dramatically transformed into classroom desks and easels.

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Ideas & Inspiration

Play • Learn • Evolve


Double deskHow can schools maximise their budgets?

Our Pikler Inspired range acts as both fun physical activities and classroom desks and easels. To maximise budgets even further each triangle can be used as a double desk with pupils sitting opposite each other.

What age range does the nursery school classroom furniture cover?

Due to the design and the two sizes, Nursery and Junior, our nursery school classroom furniture covers the full age range. The desk height is adjustable on both the nursery and junior options offering maximum flexibility.

How tough are these desks?

The Pikler Inspired triangle forms the core of the desk and these can take loads over 100kg. The range has been robustly design for everyday use as a climbing frame so it is more than a match for a classroom environment.

Easels? How do they work as easels?

The clever design of the desk board attachments mean that they can be attached two ways. One that holds the board horizontally as a desk and the other that rests the board down the side of the triangle as an easel.

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