Play care is our term for keeping your children safe and your products and environment healthy and clean.

WE RECOMMEND: Ligneus PLAY products are cleaned with Nilaqua non tainting, food safe surface spray. It offers 30 day protection and does not strip the food safe finishes used on our incredible products.

All our games and activities are designed with the utmost consideration to the safety of our children. Maintaining them correctly not only helps to prolong their life but is essential for a healthy environment.

The cleaning products we recommend are ideal for nurseries and children. Nilaqua is non toxic and alcohol free so perfect for delicate young skin. It is also non abrasive so does not tarnish the finish on our products.

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So what is Nilaqua? Tell me more!

Nilaqua alcohol free hand protection foam is the ultimate family essential for your child. With 6 hour protection for the school or day nursery,

Nilaqua is recommended by Hello Magazine and featured in Mumsnet.

Hello Magazine Nilaqua Article

It is specifically tested skin safe, food safe and is vegan friendly and halal compliant. Whilst protecting against viruses including the latest pandemic, but also measles, rubella, fecal bugs, norovirus the sickness bug and much more.

Nilaqua is UK manufactured sanitiser used extensively within the NHS.

If you want to learn even more about Nilaqua or are looking to purchase in greater quantities follow this link to our parent company Ligneus:

Nilaqua from Ligneus (opens in new tab)

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