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Our Kid’s Corner offers more than just a fun play experience. We also support children’s development. From hand-eye coordination and social interaction our games and activities support the growth of the child. Our Kids corner concepts are designed to be suitable for all children following on from nursery.

We believe in adventurous and challenging activities that encourage children to learn, play and evolve in a playful way. Whether it’s playtime for one or a fun game with friends, there’s something for all to enjoy.

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Ideas & Inspiration

Play • Learn • Evolve

Kids Corner (4yr+)

Children’s Games and activities encourage learning and development

Our Children’s games are not just for fun but help with a wide range of children’s development. From encouraging interaction and roll play and so developing social skills to working on their fine and gross motor skills.

Games and activities bring the family closer together

When the enveloping digital world submerses us in our own virtual realities our games and activities root us firmly in the real world. These activities are also a fantastic way for the whole family to enjoy some quality time. Whether it is playing together or working together our games and activities help that bonding experience.

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