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Ligneus Play is Born

Ligneus PLAY is Born

Dec 7, 2020 | New Products, Stories, Inspiration, General | 0 comments

Where have we come from?

At the start of 2020 Ligneus was, and still is, the leading manufacturer of wooden products to the Hospitality & Catering sector. Built on strong designs and sustainable and quality workmanship Ligneus was experiencing quite significant growth…… and then, along with the rest of the world, was broad sided by the pandemic.

As we know the Hospitality & Catering sector were one of the hardest hit and Ligneus experienced the cliff edge of lockdown. Being a dynamic company Ligneus wasn’t an organisation to be accepting and resigned to its fate.

It looked to its strengths – quality design and sustainable UK manufacturing. It started to explore other markets and soon found that it could be as successful in these new markets as it had been in Hospitality & Catering.

Being very much a family orientated company, with many staff having families and children of their own the children’s educational and activity sector felt a very natural way forward.

Inspired by Pikler a range of indoor climbing frames were designed and manufactured. Many of these you can find in one form or another already however it is the ingenuity of Ligneus that sets its products aside from the rest.

It turns out that everyone else thought our designs were pretty good too. As demand grew rapidly Ligneus felt that it needed to set up a fresh new brand focused and dedicated to this market…… Ligneus PLAY was born!

Ligneus Pikler Climbing Triangle Range with Alice and Robin


So what exactly is Ligneus PLAY?

The concept of Ligneus PLAY is quite straight forward – to design and manufacture quality games and activities from sustainably sourced timber. We want our products to be both fun and educational, to provide hours of fun and a lifetime of cherished memories. We want them to be engaging and challenging. We want them to encourage collective play, either with friends or family, and help stimulate the imagination.

Play • Learn • Evolve

Double sided desks with Thea and AliceWe believe play and learning go hand in hand and both can be equally exciting. Whether its developing fine motor skills or evolving strategies with games we feel such activities are required more than ever these days. Especially with the digital virtual world enveloping us more and more.



What does the future hold?

Well, quite simply, lots of fun! We’ve started with our Pikler Inspired range but have plenty more in the pipeline that will inspired and excite.

We’re not looking to reinvent the wheel and will be bringing back absolute classics but perhaps with our own twist, or as we see it with some upgrades and improvements.

We’re also looking to develop more activities for grown ups as well and we’re always looking to encourage collective activity across all ages.

….so join us for the ride……and have fun! smile



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