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What is a Pikler Triangle? We hear you ask.

The Pikler Triangle was developed by Hungarian pediatrician Dr. Emmi Pikler over 100 years ago. Emmi believed kids should explore and climb the Pikler triangle on their own terms freely.
The Ligneus PLAY Pikler Triangles can be used for children as young as 6 months to 99+ years old. We have designed an entire range of products and accessories around them. This expands their function to more than just learning to climb. From their first tentative climbing steps to adults working at a desk our Pikler triangles deliver to all ages.

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Pikler Triangle

Tell me more about the Pikler Triangle

A Pikler Triangle’s primary function is to encourage and facilitate climbing and movement. The Ligneus PLAY Pikler Inspired range features a wonderfully simple & innovative modular design. This offers so much more than just climbing. It not only encourages play, movement and expression but facilitates learning and art.

The Pikler Triangle is a classic wooden climbing triangle. It is expertly designed and manufactured right here in the inspiring Cotswolds, UK. We manufacture all our products ethically and sustainably. No stone has been left unturned to maximise it uses for playful adventurous children.

How do your Pikler Triangles cover 6mths to 99+yrs?

Great question! Typically Pikler triangles are recommended for 6mths to 5yrs. Ours, however, with the modular nature and range of all the accessories, greatly expands the both the functionality and age range. Take a look at the full Pikler Inspired Range for some great ideas.

Is a Pikler Triangle Safe?

In short yes, it is. Dr Emmi Pikler encouraged parents to let kids climb independently. We do, however, recommend children should be supervised at all times. Don’t crowd over them but let them feel free and remain close by.

The adventurous nature of children always pushes them to the limits of their capabilities. There will always be a level of risk as they venture higher. They will learn through the excitement of play.

You can read our full safety statement here

How much weight can a Pikler Triangle Hold?

Our Pikler triangles have been manufactured with the incredibly tough Birch Ply and the rungs are a larger diameter than standard at 35mm. All these factors mean that our Piker Triangle has been safely tested to at least 100kg.

For more information read our Blog “What is a Pikler Triangle?”

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